“It was the perfect smile for the perfect moment.”

On December 2008, Stephanie had decided to get braces. When she was younger, her parents didn't put much of a priority on her teeth. They said as long as her teeth worked and are healthy, she would be fine. Growing up, however, Stephanie was constantly envious of other people's smile and felt very conscious of how others viewed hers. Even though no one made her feel terrible about her smile, she saw nothing in the mirror but crowded teeth. This affected the way she interacted with people and self-confidence.

What really motivated Stephanie to make the change was seeing an old friend. She had not seen him in ages. All she remembered of him was a smile worse than hers. At their little reunion dinner, Stephanie was completely blown away when she first saw him. His teeth were perfectly aligned and a smile as big as his personality. She asked him where he got his braces. He told her to visit Carus Orthodontics and spoke in detail about his great experience with his orthodontist and the staff. The following day, Stephanie was researching several competitors and decided that Carus Orthodontics was the best choice.

After going through the process of getting braces, Stephanie had concerns on her ability to speak clearly at work. Speeches and presentations were par for the course, but her ability to deliver presentations clearly was a concern. She soon found out this was a moot point as all of her coworkers and clients were very supportive and didn't notice any difference in her speech.

Near the end of her short time wearing braces, Stephanie also got engaged. This news made it more imperative that Stephanie kept up with her cleanings and her scheduled appointments. She was counting down the days until she had her braces removed and that day had finally come. Her fiancé was stunned at the difference and shared a long and happy kiss. Family and friends that hadn't seen her in a while, commented on her bright and beautiful smile. Stephanie was happy she made the decision to change her smile. Her upcoming wedding was the perfect moment to showcase her beautiful smile.