I approach challenges with much more confidence.

When growing up, Krystal didn't smile a lot. She always felt conscious about her smile. Her classmates weren't necessarily mean, but Krystal was always known as the girl with bad teeth. Not being a shy person, Krystal felt her smile always held her back. Her lack of confidence about herself is reflected in many family photographs. In high school, Krystal's mom decided to get her braces. Her mother had braces growing up and it was her smile was her pride and joy. She knew how important it was for Krystal's self-esteem and health.

Krystal didn't know what quite to expect. During her first visit, Dr. Delane explained in detail the procedure of putting on her braces. After a few questions, he made her feel at ease with the whole process. He let her know that her smile was going to be beautiful. Krystal wore her braces for two years. There was a slight discomfort at first but it quickly subsided. As time went on, her classmates were noticing how straighter Krystal's teeth were becoming. Her excitement grew as she was approaching the last months of wearing braces. When Krystal and her mom scheduled the last appointment, they found out the soonest Carus Orthodontics could see her was after the New Year. Krystal was initially disappointed as she had planned on going to her family reunion for the Holidays wanting to show off her new smile. Not wanting to disappoint, Dr. Delane's office actually squeezed Krystal in the day that the office was to be closed for the holidays. They 'Made It Happen' just for her.

December 18th was the big day for Krystal. Dr. Delane went through the procedure of removing her braces. Afterwards, he held a mirror to her face and she started to cry. They were tears of joy as she could not stop smiling. "I was stunned to see the difference. It was more than I expected," said Krystal's mother. Proud of her new smile, Krystal made her last day of school before the holidays a special one. She put on her favorite dress, styled her hair and went to school with a beaming smile. Krystal friend's were just as excited as she was. Her relative's reaction at the family reunion was even more positive. Every photograph with Krystal was all smiles. She had finally found her confidence.