“Before braces, I hardly smiled. Now I smile all the time.”

Motivated, smart and a go-getter. That describes Jason. When he was in middle school, Jason wasn't thinking of perfectly-aligned teeth or a healthy smile. He was playing sports, making good grades and meeting new friends. One thing he wasn't good at, however, was showing his smile. This was pretty evident in a lot of his school pictures.

When Jason turned 14, he surprisingly pressed his parents for braces. His parents were initially taken aback as this was not the usual teenager request. They took Jason to their general dentist and asked him who he would recommend. He referred them to the experienced team at Carus Orthodontics.

Excited and nervous, he had a consultation appointment with Dr. Delane. When Jason first saw him, he thought, "Wow, he's a big guy!" Fortunately, behind the big exterior and nice smile was a gentle and caring individual who made him feel more comfortable with the process of getting braces. A few days later, Jason went through the procedure to get traditional braces and didn't once feel uncomfortable. He also requested blue ties to match his school colors. His only concern was his love of sports and how braces might prevent him from playing football and track. Dr. Delane gave Jason a special mouthguard that he was able to soak in water and mold it to his braces.

Part of wearing braces was the mandatory attendance of scheduled appointments. Not once was Jason late or a no-show. In fact, he was so diligent about wearing the rubber bands and cleaning his teeth that Dr. Delane felt Jason was ready to have his braces removed 6 months earlier. The day finally came when the braces came off. Jason was shocked to see how perfect his teeth looked. "I feel more confident in myself," says Jason. "I also smile a lot more in pictures."